The Flag in the Window

Flatridge was a self-contained, self-sufficient community in the years prior to American involvement in World War II. The farms and gardens kept us fed and provided the resources we needed to purchase things we couldn’t provide for ourselves. The hub of the community was J. M. Jerkins General Merchandise, where men’s work clothes and shoes,… Continue reading The Flag in the Window

That Old-time Religion

My Dad was a strict disciplinarian, but my Mom allowed us a certain degree of latitude in our behavior. However, there were some things she drew the line on. How we looked and how we behaved in church, for example, were not negotiable. She starched and ironed our church dresses to perfection, and every Saturday… Continue reading That Old-time Religion

Yes, Jesus Really Does Love Me

During my childhood, church and family heritage were so intertwined that they seemed to be one and the same. My great-grandparents on the Anderson side had given the land on which Central Methodist Church stood and they had provided the lumber for the construction. It was a fact we were not allowed to forget. Also,… Continue reading Yes, Jesus Really Does Love Me